Y E N  Y E N - J U I
            L A I

The Concept of Time

ink and pencil on paper
20 x 34.5 cm

Some people call my works poetic. The works look casual at first sight, but I know there is a lot of control behind them. The contradiction of different moods works together, giving my work a delicate feeling and tension. When I look into my background, this seems like a necessary result.

I worked as a graphic designer before I became an artist. Every project was well planned and controlled. The shape of time was a straight line for me. I could only see one deadline after the next. As an artist now, I feel time becomes a circle. I learn to be disciplined, and enjoy how the morning comes back every day. When I miss something, I understand it will come back again. It is ironic for me; in the East, people believe time is a circle. The sunrise and the sunset, repeating seasons, the beginning and the ending are the same concept. However, I realized it when I came to the West.

If time is a circle, then it becomes a complete shape like an island, and I have
become interested in drawing circles.

copyright @  賴 妍 叡  yen yen-jui lai: all rights reserved